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Comprehensive mental healthcare at your fingertips

All Cigna customers age 18+ have access to convenient and affordable mental health services with Headspace Care. Get started today by downloading the Headspace Care app.

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In-the-moment access to a mental healthcare team, tailored to your needs

Chat with a behavioral health coach via text anytime you need support. For additional support, talk to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist via video - all from the privacy of your smartphone.

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Behavioral health coaching

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Connect with a coach one-on-one via private text-based chat. Our coaches are carefully vetted and selected with >2 years of supervised experience and hold a master’s degree in a psychology-related field and/or a certification from an NBC-HWC-approved training program.

Schedule time to connect with a coach to work together in an ongoing way or for support in the moment.

Get support and guidance to help you with goals, relationships, sleep, productivity, career, confidence, grief, self-esteem, and more.

24/7, on-demand, unlimited mental health coaching
Therapy within 2 days
Psychiatry services within 2 days
Mindfulness, meditations, sleep, focus, and movement content
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Therapy & psychiatry

Your coach may recommend adding a therapist or psychiatrist to your care team.

Headspace Care’s licensed therapists and psychiatrists are included in the Cigna behavioral health network and can be added to your care team for sessions via video. Clinical appointments include availability on weekends and evenings*

If needed, medication can be prescribed by our psychiatrists, to help manage more severe mental health symptoms. Costs for therapy and psychiatry are separate from coaching fees, and are determined by your benefit plan.

*geographical limitations may apply to availability

Mindfulness exercises
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Workouts and movement content
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Frequently asked questions

What is Headspace Care?

Headspace Care is a mobile app that offers confidential mental healthcare through behavioral health coaching via text-based chats, skill-building resources, and video-based therapy and psychiatry. Support is available anytime, anywhere for whatever you are going through — all from the privacy of your smartphone.

How do I sign up?

After downloading the Headspace Care app, you will need to enter your health plan information to verify your eligibility.

After selecting “My Health Plan” and “Cigna”, you will be prompted to enter in the following information:

• First Name
• Last Name
• Member ID

Your Member ID is always located on the front of your health insurance card, and is sometimes referred to as the Policy Number. It is not the Group Number. When entering your Member ID be sure to include the last 2 digits of your member ID# (usually is 01, 02, 03).

Still having trouble? Please reach out to Member Support through the app, or email

Is there a cost for coaching?

Yes. Costs will vary, depending on your health plan benefit. Members get unlimited access for 30 days to behavioral health coaching and access to hundred of skill-building resources. Members are then able to renew their access every 30 days.

What kinds of things can a coach help me with?

With a behavioral health coach, all Cigna members aged 18+ can get personalized support to help navigate life challenges, manage difficult emotions, or reach certain goals. Coaches can help with any issue you’re struggling with, such as stress, anxiety, depression, issues with work, relationships, sleep, and more.

Team-based holistic care

Our multidisciplinary, team-based approach brings coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists under one virtual roof to deliver dynamic care plans that change with the member.

Drive cultural change

By making better mental health a cornerstone of your culture, we destigmatize care and foster a psychologically safe and welcoming workplace for your team to thrive.

Download the Headspace Care app to chat with a coach today