Headspace Health is now Headspace. Ginger’s clinical expertise and Headspace’s meditations come together to transform mental healthcare.
Headspace Health is now Headspace, merging Ginger's clinical expertise with Headspace's meditations and mindfulness for comprehensive mental health care.
Our Care Model

The right care at the right time

Headspace is here to help your team navigate all of life’s moments. Thanks to an in-house care team, a network of 50,000 clinical providers, and science-backed meditation and mindfulness programs, organizations can access high-quality mental healthcare 24/7.

Our approach to care

We know that mental health is a lifelong journey. The best interests of every individual sit at the center of a dedicated team of mental health experts committed to delivering the right care at the right time.

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Personalized care journey

No two mental health journeys are the same. That’s why Headspace ensures a tailored, personalized experience for every member. From meditation to coaching to clinical care, Headspace meets members with the support they need and guides them along a journey to better mental health.

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Scientifically sound

With over 50+ published papers and 55+ studies in progress, Headspace’s offering is scientifically robust, delivering a reliable, evidence-based mental health platform. Our research shows 85% of members see depression symptom improvement.

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Diverse provider team

We hire quality, culturally-responsive providers who reflect the diversity of our member population, ensuring that everyone feels not only seen but a sense of belonging. 46% of providers identify as BIPOC.

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High quality care super-powered by technology

Our Care Hub powers our team-based care model, enabling collaboration between care providers, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, and supporting clinical decision-making with data. Through technology, we enable our providers to do what they do best - delivering empathetic, life-changing care to your members.

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Quality is assured

Quality-measurement goes beyond tools & technology. Through ongoing training and assessment, we pursue excellence at every turn by ensuring our providers practice measurement-based care, adhere to clinical protocols, and integrate best practices. Psychiatrists on Headspace receive an average star rating of 4.9/5.

A community of happier, healthier members
Clinical leadership
jenna glover pic
Jenna Glover
chief clinical officer

Dr. Jenna Glover has a Ph.D in clinical counseling from Utah State University as well years of experience in counseling centers, academia, residential care, and hospital systems. She was most recently an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado. At Headspace, she ensures effective, high-quality care delivery.

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Jon Kole
Sr. Director of Psychiatry

Dr. Jon Kole, a board-certified MD with a decade of experience, leads Headspace’s psychiatry services program. Dr. Kole completed his doctorate degree at University of Pennsylvania and his residency at Brown University. His deep expertise ensures members with complex needs receive the right evidence-based interventions.

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Erica Hayes

Erica Hayes has a master’s degree in social work and 12+ years of experience in behavioral health operations and management. As Senior Director of Care Enablement, Erica works with our Care and Business Operations teams to ensure our providers are able to deliver high-quality care at scale.

our care types
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Unlimited access to coaching

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Members receive immediate, unlimited access to our coaches 24/7 to guide them through all of life’s challenges. Our mental health coaches are masters-level educated with prior experience and/or are certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. They are the members’ first line of support via text-based chat, day or night.

members who see reduced depression symptoms after 6-16 weeks
Average coach response time
2 minutes or less

Fast access to therapy

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Therapists offer a deeper level of care, helping members manage more complex challenges. Our licensed therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities with specialized expertise in a number of areas, such as anxiety management, trauma, or mood disorders.

members who see reduced anxiety symptoms after 6-16 weeks
Average time to first therapy appointment
2.2 days on average
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Psychiatry Services

High-quality psychiatry services

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Through our team-based model, members with acute needs can add a psychiatrist to their care team. Working alongside coaches and therapists, Headspace psychiatrists can assess, diagnose, and prescribe the right treatment. Our psychiatrists are medical doctors who are highly-experienced in medication management, ensuring safe and effective prescribing.

Number of additional productive days after
30 days of use
Member Satisfaction with Psychiatry
4.9/5 stars

Meditation & mindfulness

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Traditional mental healthcare ends when your session is over. But with Headspace, members can continue to sharpen their skills between sessions by using a library of guided meditations, sleep support, and focus skills. Thousands of guided sessions and courses — covering topics such as stress, everyday anxiety, grief, loneliness, parenting, and conflict — have turned millions of skeptics into believers by driving real results. There’s a meditation for every moment. What’s more, our coaches and clinicians prescribe certain programs as part of a member’s tailored care plan.

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Care Concierge

A continuous experience

We are dedicated to providing members a consistent, continuous care experience. Whether a member needs to reschedule care, switch care providers, or needs inpatient care for acute needs, our team of care concierge experts offer support in finding a clear, obstacle-free path to effective care. In addition, they can also point members to available benefits and local resources.

Reduction in outpatient costs after using Headspace
average member rating
Diversity of care team reflects our member population
Providers identify as BIPOC

We ensure our providers are delivering culturally-competent care by continuously training our team on topics relating to racial trauma, cultural customs, religion, LGBTQ+ identity, traditionally underserved communities, and more.

Coaches identify as LGBTQ+

It’s important to us that our care team understands the unique lived experiences of each of our members.

Providers in network

Our network offers access to over 50,000 providers delivering virtual and in-person care to members across 175 countries and regions. But what makes us different is not the size of our network. We built our care model for what matters: quality and access.


Ensuring quality care

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Quality measurement and assurance is a key pillar of the Headspace approach. Our robust quality program ensures that we always deliver safe, effective, timely, and equitable member-centered care.

It starts with hiring the right providers. We look to hire providers who deliver evidence-based care and are trained in the latest validated treatment modalities. Once they’re on board, we conduct ongoing evaluation to ensure our providers are employing the right treatment plans for member needs. Additionally, we require robust training to ensure our team is up to date on the most effective treatments and on how to deliver culturally-responsive, equitable care. Finally, we consistently measure the effectiveness of our care through gold standard clinical assessments, including the PHQ-9 for depression, the GAD-7 for anxiety, and the PSS for stress. Routine outcomes measurement allows us to constantly improve our care model, allowing for better outcomes and faster rates of recovery. We don’t stop at measurement, we go one step further and ensure outcomes with our performance guarantees.

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Super-powering our team with our Care Hub

It’s not just the quality of each individual provider that makes Headspace stand out – it's the way our team works together to deliver a dynamic treatment plan that is tailored to each member. Our proprietary Care Hub makes this collaboration possible.

Beyond collaboration, it also enables referrals to available benefits and local resources, shows symptom response over time to support care plan adjustments, and enables appropriate escalation in high-risk scenarios. Our technology enables consistent, high-quality care that ensures that no member need goes unaddressed.

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Headspace is here to be your guide to better mental health, providing a full EAP replacement, coaching, therapy, mindfulness, and more to 4,000+ organizations worldwide.

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