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Drive better mental health outcomes with our on-demand, team-based mental healthcare solution — delivered through a brand experience your members will love.

Headspace’s end-to-end mental health solution integrates seamlessly into your health plan’s core benefit offering. We offer industry-leading care, including therapy, psychiatry services, coaching, and mindfulness — a comprehensive offering that puts member needs first, leading to better treatment compliance and improved health outcomes.

These interactive one-hour workshops empower leaders to engage in self-care and build cultures of growth, empathy, and compassion. If you’re looking to learn more about these workshops, please speak to your Headspace Health Client Executive or contact us.

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Unparalleled access to care

We’re not a network of providers - we are the provider. Our in-house coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists adhere to rigorous protocols, ensuring effective, high-quality, industry-standard care delivery.

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Team-based, comprehensive care

Our coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists, empowered by our proprietary electronic medical record system, collaborate to ensure each member receives the right level of care for their needs.

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Evidence-based approach

We combine evidence-based assessments, clinical oversight, and ongoing case reviews to deliver personalized, high-quality care that evolves with each member’s needs.

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Innovative payment models

Value-based pricing options that ensure you only pay for engagement and better mental health outcomes.

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Mental healthcare with a human touch

With text-based coaching, video-therapy, psychiatry services, and mindfulness exercises, we expand your members’ access to mental healthcare.  Supercharged by technology, our providers work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based care that makes members feel seen, heard, and supported.

On-demand, evidence-based content

Content to feel clearer, calmer, and sharper in everyday life

With access to a library of guided meditations, sleep support, focus music, and mindfulness tips that can be incorporated into clinical care delivery, members are shown how to look after their mind, leaving them feeling calmer, clearer, sharper, and more resilient.

Results that matter to health plans

50+ peer reviewed publications validating our ability to make members feel better, faster.
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Of members on a regional health plan viewed their plan more favorably after being offered Headspace
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Of members see reduced depression symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
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Savings vs. benchmark data for members who engaged in Headspace team-based care at a large pharmaceutical company
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Reduction in outpatient costs*
*Members who engaged in coaching or clinical care
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How a large California health plan's focus on impactful, quality care led them to partner with Headspace
Partner Case Study

How one California health plan and Solera partnered with Headspace to deliver quality care

To improve access to mental health and well-being support, a large California health plan and Solera, a curated benefits platform, partnered with Headspace to deliver on-demand, mental health coaching, skill-building resources, and convenient video-based therapy and psychiatry services combined with meditation and mindfulness. Headspace’s comprehensive suite of offerings ensured that every member could access the right care at the right time.

The partnership led to improved outcomes, engagement, and 90% of health plan members reporting increased plan satisfaction.

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Headspace is here to be your partner to better mental health, providing coaching, therapy, psychiatry services, mindfulness, and more to 45+ partners.

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“For example, not everybody needs cognitive behavioral therapy. Some people need temporary stress reduction techniques, so it may be [mindfulness & meditation] instead of [clinical care]. That saves a ton of money for employers and payers because getting the person to where it’s most relevant and where they’re going to be the most successful is really important clinically.”

Mary Langowski
CEO of Solera Health

"The texting and app are perfect for me because I wanted mental health support but not the intensive and involved experience of traditional in-person therapy. Having it for free through my health insurance has given me a much better opinion of my health insurance provider.”

Health plan member