Headspace Health is now Headspace. Ginger’s clinical expertise and Headspace’s meditations come together to transform mental healthcare.
Headspace Health is now Headspace, merging Ginger's clinical expertise with Headspace's meditations and mindfulness for comprehensive mental health care.
Headspace & Ginger

Ginger is now part 
of Headspace

Headspace now brings together its world-renowned meditation and mindfulness programs with Ginger’s virtual mental healthcare — a solution that’s been improving mental health outcomes for more than a decade.

With a shared mission to improve the health and happiness of the world, Headspace and Ginger joined forces in 2021.
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About Ginger

Human-to-human mental healthcare, by Ginger

Ginger was founded in 2011 by a team of entrepreneurs and data scientists who were passionate about building the world’s first digital mental health platform. By combining human care with data science and the latest technologies, Ginger became renowned for delivering cost-effective mental healthcare, direct from the privacy of a smartphone.

24/7, on-demand, unlimited mental health coaching
Therapy within 2 days
Psychiatry services within 2 days
Mindfulness, meditations, sleep, focus, and movement content
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About Headspace

In 2010, Headspace was founded by ex-Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe and onetime advertising exec Richard Pierson who both wanted to help people look after their mind. And so the first meditation app was born, and it remains to this day a trusted name in meditation, mindfulness, and mental health.

On-demand, unlimited behavioral health coaching
Immediate access to phone therapy
In-person and video therapy and psychiatry services
Psychiatry services support
Critical incident support
Work-life services
Management consultations and referrals
Mindfulness, sleep & preventive programs
Care for your global workforce with a full EAP replacement that includes:
Both companies merged in 2021. Ever since, the two brands — now known singularly as Headspace — have been committed to democratizing mental healthcare by providing affordable, comprehensive support from a single platform.

Headspace is your everyday guide to better mental health, providing full replacement EAP, coaching, therapy, psychiatry services, and guided meditations to 4,000+ organizations worldwide.

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