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Headspace Culture’s best-in-class suite of services helps leaders and employees build a culture of mental health, supporting resilience and focus in the workplace.

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Introducing Headspace Culture
Why Headspace: Destigmatize mental health
Why Headspace Culture

Destigmatize mental health

“This webinar has changed my mind completely. And what a wonderful presenter whose beautiful heart radiated from the screen.”- Headspace Member

Drive engagement

Headspace Culture helps our clients generate 5-10x higher engagement with the benefit than with traditional mental health solutions.

Why Headspace: Transform culture

Transform culture

Participants of our Leadership Workshop rated feeling 26% more prepared to initiate a mental health check-in conversation at work after attending the session.

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Headspace is here to be your guide to better mental health, providing EAP, coaching, therapy, mindfulness, and more to 4,000+ organizations worldwide.

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