Headspace culture

Grow a healthy, resilient team culture

Headspace Culture works with you to create a workplace known for its focus, resilience, kindness, and supportive community. Within this kind of culture, an organization thrives and employees feel supported on their mental health journey.

Headspace Culture delivers workshops, webinars, and live experiences to inspire and educate your teams. We help them foster a healthier, happier environment that’s a win-win for everyone.

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Introducing Headspace Culture
Why Headspace: Destigmatize mental health
Why Headspace Culture

Destigmatize mental health

Headspace has been destigmatizing mental health for more than a decade by offering soothing guidance, straightforward tools, and engaging content that inspires and educates.

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Drive engagement

Headspace Culture helps our clients generate 5-10x higher engagement than with traditional mental health solutions.

We work in tandem with you, offering a suite of services that include communication playbooks, relevant campaigns, live meditations, and expert-led workshops on topics such as anxiety, stress, and sleep, and much more.

Why Headspace: Transform culture

Transform culture

Once equipped with new insight, tools, and know-how, leaders who partner with us often become a catalyst for positive change at their organizations, helping to transform the workplace culture.

Participants of our Leadership Workshops rated feeling 26% more prepared to initiate a mental health check-in conversation at work after attending the session.

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