Mindful investment, Meaningful savings

Headspace is proven to support a more resilient and mentally healthy workplace, leading to real healthcare cost reductions for employers.

Your team’s well-being is your greatest asset

Our programs provide real, life-changing benefits to your people and business as shown by improved mental health, reduced healthcare spend, and more productive, collaborative workplace cultures.

Real mental health outcomes

Less stress, sharper focus, reduced burnout, improved symptoms of depression, and more. With 60+ studies in peer-reviewed journals, Headspace consistently shows its effectiveness in delivering mental healthcare that makes a difference.

Lower healthcare costs

Most mental health solutions are one-size-fits-all and therapy-first, without addressing unique and changing individual needs. Our personalized model offers ongoing support, often reducing need for costly interventions altogether.

Preventative care that works

Left ignored, poor mental health can lead to or exacerbate other chronic diseases, creating a costly cycle. By prioritizing prevention, Headspace helps to manage these comorbidities — leading to less healthcare claims overall.

Happier, healthier workplaces

Headspace gives teams the everyday tools to manage stress, stay focused, and feel happier at work. The result? A more fulfilled, productive team, and significant business savings through less absenteeism and stronger retention.

Headspace clients see results

75% experienced improvements in anxiety symptoms after working with Headspace coaches and clinicians

80% experienced an improvement in depression symptoms after working with Headspace coaches and clinicians

83% of members with moderate or severe anxiety at intake had improved symptoms after care

96% reported less stress after using the Headspace app

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Why Headspace

Cutting costs for a large pharmaceutical company

Coaching + clinical care drives highest savings

Headspace led to a 15% savings on healthcare costs for members who used both coaching and clinical services.

Mental health coaching alone helps, too

Members using only coaching saw a 7% savings in healthcare costs.

Higher engagement -> higher savings

Members who engaged with coaching and/or clinical care more than 4 times saw a 9% cost reduction, vs. a 5.9% reduction for members who participated less than 4 times.

Savings for members with comorbidities

Members saw consistently lower spend across cancer, maternity, musculoskeletal, and metabolic health conditions.

Don’t take our word for it

Headspace’s Value Advantage solutions help employers understand the impact of their investment.

Value for Duval County Public Schools

Duval County Public Schools wanted to offer their staff more mental health resources, but budgets and available providers were limited. They partnered with Headspace to offer access to licensed therapists and on-demand coaches at no cost to their employees. The result? More access to high-quality care and improved employee mental health.

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