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We help people feel better, faster — and we’ve done some of the world’s most groundbreaking mental health and mindfulness research to prove it.

Headspace is the most evidence-based mental health platform.

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Evidence-based outcomes

50+ peer reviewed publications validating our ability to make members feel better, faster.
85% Of members see reduced depression symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
Reduction in outpatient costs after using Headspace Care
32% Less stress with 30-days of Headspace meditation
Of members experience improvement in depression symptoms after using Headspace Care
3 More productive days after 30 days*
Additional healthy mental health days after 30 days of Headspace Care
83% Of members see reduced anxiety symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
Reported improved focus after Headspace focus music
*Members who engaged in coaching or clinical care
months of Headspace can
  • Reduce stress by 21%
  • Reduce depressive symptoms by 24%
  • Reduce anxiety symptoms by 30%
  • Increase resilience by 11%
  • Increase life satisfaction by 15%
  • Decrease stress by 32%
days of Headspace can

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