Headspace Health is now Headspace. Ginger's clinical expertise and Headspace's meditations come together to transform mental healthcare.
Headspace Health is now Headspace, merging Ginger's clinical expertise with Headspace's meditations and mindfulness for comprehensive mental health care.
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Mental healthcare for every moment

Meeting members with the right care at the right time through therapy, medication management, coaching, meditation and mindfulness, and EAP services.

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Why HeadspaceEvidence Based ApproachCare anytime, anywhereLeading the way in high-quality careTeam-based holistic careDrive cultural change
Why Headspace

Complete mental healthcare for everyone

Care across the full spectrum

From prevention to treatment to maintenance, we provide members with the care they need, when they need it.

Evidence-based approach

Fueled by 10+ years of scientific and clinical research and 50+ peer reviewed studies, our evidence-based interventions drive high engagement and positive outcomes.

Care anytime, anywhere

Day or night, members have immediate access to a wide range of skill-building exercises and 24/7 access to a coach, for on-demand comprehensive support.

Leading the way in high-quality care

For over a decade, our investment in measurement-based care has driven faster rates of recovery and better mental and physical health outcomes. Our comprehensive approach offers world-class clinicians focused on providing the highest quality of support across a spectrum of needs.

Team-based holistic care

Our multidisciplinary, team-based approach brings coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists under one virtual roof to deliver dynamic care plans that change with the member.

Drive cultural change

By making better mental health a cornerstone of your culture, we destigmatize care and foster a psychologically safe and welcoming workplace for your team to thrive.

Clinical leadership

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Dana Udall

Dana Udall

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Udall is a licensed Psychologist with a PhD from the University of Southern California and Pre- and Post-Doctoral training from the University of Pennsylvania. She has over two decades of experience providing direct care in residential treatment centers, intensive outpatient programs, private practice, and university counseling centers. At Headspace, Dana leads multidisciplinary treatment teams to ensure clinical excellence.

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Jenna Glover

Jenna Glover

VP, Care Services

Dr. Jenna Glover has a Ph.D in clinical counseling from Utah State University as well years of experience in counseling centers, academia, residential care, and hospital systems. She was most recently an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado. At Headspace, she ensures effective, high-quality care delivery.

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Jon Kole

Jon Kole

Medical Director

Dr. Jon Kole, a board-certified MD with a decade of experience, leads Headspace's medication management program. Dr. Kole completed his doctorate degree at University of Pennsylvania and his residency at Brown University. His deep expertise ensures members with complex needs receive the right evidence-based interventions.

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Erika Hayes

Erica Hayes

Senior Director, Care Enablement

Erica Hayes has a master's degree in social work and 12+ years of experience in behavioral health operations and management. As Senior Director of Care Enablement, Erica works with our Care and Business Operations teams to ensure our providers are able to deliver high-quality care at scale.

Used in 190 countries
around the world


Over 100 million lives touched


More than 4,000 clients and partners


Evidence-based outcomes

50+ peer reviewed publications validating our ability to make members feel better, faster.
3 More productive days after 30 days*
More productive days after 30 days*
85% Of members see reduced depression symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
Of members see reduced depression symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
83% Of members see reduced anxiety symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
Of members see reduced anxiety symptoms after 6-16 weeks*
32% Less stress with 30-days of Headspace meditation
Less stress
with 30-days of Headspace self-guided content
*Members who engaged in coaching or clinical care

“With emotional and mental health in particular, it's important to have a continuum of care. The beauty of the program is having a comprehensive suite of services packaged in one to give that seamless experience.”

Jae Kullar
Former General Manager of Global Health & Wellbeing, Delta Air Lines

“What I love about Headspace is, it encourages self-care. But it’s an easy set of tools to use. When you open the app, you don’t need to be an expert in mindfulness and meditation. It just makes it very accessible.”

Keith Saucier
Vice President of Health and Wellbeing, Mattel

“We have a great working relationship with several members of the Headspace team and are always working together to find new opportunities to share new content, host online sessions, and continuously recognize the importance of mental health.”

Tara Ataya
VP of People, Hootsuite

“The actual product, particularly the sleep and mindfulness modules coupled with an easy-to-navigate app, is really strong. Personally, I use the kid-focused sleep modules.”

James Troupis
Chief People Officer, Noble Network of Charter Schools

“We want Aritzia to be a place where everyone can reach their highest potential — that starts with their mental wellbeing. With Headspace as another tool in our toolbox, we’re confident and proud that we’ve elevated our teams’ pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

Karen Kwan
Chief People & Culture Officer, Aritzia

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